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Leisl is the daughter of Jeffrey & Deanna Yeap . “She is a Musikgarten baby…no fear of performance, loves singing and very gutsy on stage! Her singing is only because musikgarten….no vocal training! :)”, says Deanna proudly. Incidentally, Deanna is a Certified Licensed Musikgarten Teacher and she is the principal and co-owner of ATELIER DE MUSIQUE. Leisl will be 7 years old in June 2010. She has been attending MUSIKGARTEN classes since she was a baby and is currently in the Musikgarten Music Makers At the Keyboard (MMKB) Class, Book 2. Deanna adds, “She is just an ordinary kid but she has never stopped singing since she was a baby….she loves MG songs btw…and sings musicals, jazz, oldies and Teresa Teng…”.

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